Joust Arena #8  $325

Joust Arena #8 $325

    • Actual Size: 25'L X 19'W X 5' H
    • Outlets: 1

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Two participants can step up to this interactive inflatable game, but only one can walk out as a Gladiator Champion to cheers from the crowd. Our Inflatable Pedestal Joust Arena is one of the coolest interactive games that we offer and your customers will certainly agree. Each participant stands on their own pedestal, equipped with an foam joust pole and battle each other to see who can stay on their pedestal without falling off. It's the perfect inflatable for a little friendly competition at most any event you could possibly imagine, from summer BBQs, to birthday parties, to carnivals and fairgrounds. This head-turning inflatable is an absolute must-have for any party, ready to provide hours of fun, laughs and friendly battles.

pack list:

25'L X 19'W X 5' H


2 joust poles

2 head gear

2 blowers: 2.0 Hp and 1.0 HP

1 tarp1 cleaning kit

To anchor down unit we prefer to use 42" stakes, where we can not use stakes we can use 100 LB sand bags to anchor down unit for an additional charge. sand bags needed 6

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